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short love stories


When I lie next to him I can hear his heart and, like a wave, it comes and goes and takes mine away. With a swing of heartbeats, I fall asleep. His breathing whistles in my dreams and when I wake up I forget who we were before our sleep. 

Love declaration.

Love declaration.

Love declaration.

I will never love you so; therefore, I will never hate you. I will always be distant so you can never reach my heart. I will close my eyes, and you won't even see my soul. See, this is the only way we can protect ourselves from one and other. 

They were from different parts of the world. They had nothing in common, and they talked different languages. The only thing they did was observe each other in very deep silence. She had golden green eyes and his were dark navy blue, but unfortunately, they were both completely blind. 

short horror stories

Cute puppies.


I was running alone through a poppy field and an eagle grabbed me by the neck. I managed to escape by pulling him to the ground. But when I thought I had overcome fear he had already eaten my whole family, one by one, as if they were newborn puppies. ​

I am not a sleepwalker. 

The room were I used to sleep in school was known because many girls who had slept in it often became sleepwalkers during the night. The first night I tried hard not to fall asleep but at the end I did. I woke up standing in the middle of the kitchen. 

It was just a dream. 

She had two names and two personalities but she only new about one, until one night. She woke up screaming from a dream where a girl called Ines was sitting on her lap trying to hit her. The next morning her mom told her that Ines was her middle name. 

Puni the Platypus

It was the first day in the Wild School farm. All the baby animals sat in their classes. The cows huddled together. The monkeys sat with the other monkeys. The cub lions, the pigs, the puppies. They all sat with their kind of species. 


The last to enter was Puni Platypus. 


A Platypus is a unique animal with a duck beak, a beaver tail and, otter feet. 


To the rest of the animals he looked strange, different, and because no one looked like him he sat in the middle of the class, by himself, alone. 


When the class finished they all went out to the playground. 


Every creature played with their animal kind, the lion cubs where lying under the sun. The giraffes where playing hide and seek between the trees. The monkeys where combing each others hair. The puppies were building sand castles...but Puni swung by himself.  


He was swinging very fast to try and reach the Sky when an evil tiger cub pushed him so hard on the swing that he fell to the ground. 

“Ouch! why did you do that?”

The tiger didn't answer. 


“My name is Puni.” 

“I don't care about your name.” 

The tiger says. 


“I don't know, maybe because you are a weird animal?”


Puni stops smiling. 

“Why am I weird?”


The tiger jumps off the swing.

“Look at you!.”


Puni stares in silence at the tiger and slowly walks away, he hides behind a tree and starts crying. 

Mrs. Klein the giraffe, sees Puni crying and sits with him. 

“What is wrong Puni?” 

Puni dries out his tears. 

“Mrs. Klein, before coming here I never felt different from the other animals in my family, we were all the same. And now here I am different of everybody, and there is nobody like me.”

“Puni. Do you know what is the story of your animal kind?”



​“Well, your animal kind was born from a family of different kind of animals.A group of animals that didn't make a difference between them, they loved each other for how they were not because who they were. Your species taught us a lesson of equality and you need to show the rest of the animal world that to be different is not a problem, in the end, we are all animals. 

We live, we eat, we love and survive for the same purpose.”

Puni stopped crying and smiled.




He stood up feeling strong and walked to the tiger. 

“Hey. I have something to ask you.”

“Do you breathe?" 

Says Puni. 

“Mmm yes.”


“And do you see through your eyes?"

“Mmm yes...”

“Do you feel the wind? Do you smell? Do you eat? Do you walk?”

“Yeees so?…”

Says the tiger with an impatient voice. 

​“So we are the same. We are all animals, different, but the same!”

Says Puni finishing the conversation feeling very proud of himself. 



         After that day they all hung around and played together forever, and no one made differences between each other. 


After all, they share the same purpose in this life, 



                                                                         to live.

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