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Day 1.


I got completely drunk on the train, wanted to go and visit my friend in Germany. I ended up in another city, with the same name, but with one difference, one was in the south of France, and the other one in the north of Germany. FML 

Day 2.


Today I finally started my new life. Flew over for the first time to the USA and after a 10 hour flight, 6 hours of difference and two melatonin pills mixed with a bottle of wine. I realized I had left my visa on my bedroom desk, back in Madrid. FML

Day 3.

Went out running to the street, it was raining as I had ever seen before. Went out with no umbrella, ran to my car to get my computer. But there was no car, and no computer, both of them were towed away for 355 dollars. FML

Day 4.

It's my first week in Miami. I happily come back from school to my house. My brand new key won't open the entrance door, so, because I always have the brightest ideas, I decide to kick with my foot, the key. For a few seconds, I really thought that if I kicked it in smoothly the door would have opened. But instead of that, I blocked the entrance to the whole building and had to present myself to my new neighbors as "Hi I'm Pati, your new neighbor, and the girl that just blocked the entire building." ( Of course, I kept as a secret the kicking part) FML

Day 5.

 After spending a fun day with my best friend, we walk back home from the beach, we are slightly drunk, and I keep on telling her that my ass feels cold and wet. She ignores me I ignore it. We reach home, I walk up the stairs first, and my BFF starts laughing very hard. She can’t even talk, she sits down crying of laughter. “Pati your skirt is up, and your ass is out!!” I guess all my neighborhood saw my new granny panties. FML

Day 6.

Went trecking with a friend, we had to climb a 3 hour mountain until we reached a small house where we were going to sleep. Half way up the mountain I realize the keys to the house where inside the car, down the hill, one hour from where we were...FML

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