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Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder with hypersensitivity to sound perceive every single noise,  little or big, all at once.  

So a walk around the park, school, supermarkets, shopping malls or just a fun ice-cream afternoon, can turn into a nightmare.

That´s why we´ve created Google Pitch, a new AI-powered device that helps these kids by transforming every noise into a peaceful melody.


CW: Patricia Argüelles 

AD: Valentina Orjuela 

AD: Sofia Coelho 


The App will support and retrieve information from the airpods and deliver a personalized experience to every user. Designed exclusively to enhance the user´s everyday life. 


You can monitor the device's connection status and battery level.

Create events, activities & reminders.


You can engage with the "Miracle Modus".


An interactive screen that will help you stay calm during intense situations through sounds and video animations.


Hundreds of different modus are available and you can swipe through them in an accessible gallery.

You can track the user's health through heart rate in relation to sound sensitivity, finding patterns that can help the user develop healthier daily-life routines.


Find recommendations based on the current health state of each user, including stress level, mood/feel, and energy levels. 

View historic monthly graphs, that show a map of the user's health condition in relation to the factors expressed above.


Obtain reports on a daily or monthly data that can easily be sent both to the user's doctor, to obtain feedback or diagnosis, and/or to an international ASD database, which is working daily on understanding and developing better techniques to treat ASD.


A music list for every moment of the day,

to calm or to stimulate the kid. 


Experience how Google Pitch works through IG stories. Tap to change the sound. 

Transform Google Pitch to real life, by creating an experiential space where the audience will have the chance to experience what kids with ASD suffer and how Google Pitch is the solution for them.


Adobe Achievement Awards 2018 Finalist

Miami Ad School Awards 2018 Top Dog 

AFF District ADDY 2019 Silver

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