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Many of us find it very difficult to eat and stay healthy, since ice cream, burgers, nuggets, fries, and sodas are cheaper than any vegetable or fruit. It honesty makes NO sense. 

That´s why we want to promote the old school lifestyle, in other words, a healthy affordable and possible lifestyle based on organic homegrown vegetables and fruits, that will 100% help you prevent any possible diet-related illnesses and other sicknesses.


But how?


By bringing to your home the Gaia Project


CW: Patricia Argüelles 

AD: Valentina Orjuela 

AD: Sofia Coelho 

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Our biggest concern is one of the most controversial topics of our times, health. We are not only concerned with the unhealthy lifestyles people live but with how expensive, it is to be healthy.


We live in a world where buying a soda costs less than water. Tomatoes are more expensive than chips and burgers.


A world where we cure sickness, with significant amounts of pills instead of preventing them with a healthy diet.


And this MUST change, we MUST grow back our agricultural roots, and show future generations that eating healthy, is possible.


We will plant our seeds and set the starting point for a healthy life and a better eco-environment.


 Implement the Gaia box in your life, either indoor or outdoor, and start to plant your food. 

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Gaia Project brings a whole neighborhood together. By sharing their food,

the experience, and tips for a healthier life, neighbors can socialize more and create 

a stronger bond as a community and work together towards a non-waste environment.


A healthy diet can be a solution to prevent diet-related illness, 


So, we want to position the Gaia Project as natural preventive medicine.  Introducing our project inside CVS stores and showcase how a healthy diet can be cheaper and better than expensive preventive medicine.

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RSA Student Design Awards 2018/19 Shortlisted

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